Warface can not be started due to read-only NVidia files

This message can appear if the files nvdrsdb0.bin and nvdrsdb1.bin have the "Read-only" attribute in their properties.

To change the files' properties and log into the game you have to: 

  1. Find them in the NVIDIA Corporation\Drs directory. To do that, click "Start" → "Run" or press Win + R.
    Example 1

  2. In the "Run" window type %allusersprofile%\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs and click OK.
    Example 2

  3. In the opened folder find both files: nvdrsdb0.bin and nvdrsdb1.bin.
    Example 3

  4. Open nvdrsdb0.bin properties by right-clicking on this file (choose "Properties" in the context menu).
    Example 4

  5. In the properties window on the "General" tab uncheck the Read-Only attribute, then click Apply and OK
    Example 5

  6. Repeat the steps 4 and 5 for the file nvdrsdb1.bin as well.
  7. Check if the message still appears.

If the message "Warface can not be started due to read-only NVidia files" still appears when trying to start the game, please create a ticket. Our specialists will do their best to help you.

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