Could not initialize the game

Usually, this problem is caused by incorrect settings in the game’s configuration file. 
The most common reasons for this are: 
  1. Setting the game’s display resolution or monitor refresh rate to a value that exceeds your video card’s or monitor’s capabilities. 
  2. Copying the game client from another computer onto yours. 
  3. Incorrectly installed video drivers (or no video drivers).
Possible solutions:
  • First and foremost, in order for Warface to work correctly, it must be installed via MY.GAMES Launcher. If you have reinstalled the game, and it still will not open, you should delete the game’s profile folder.
Deleting the game’s profile folder in Windows 7\8\10:
  1. In MY.GAMES Launcher, click the arrow button next to the Play button. 
  2. Open the game’s profile folder from the menu that appears. 
  3. Delete all the contents of the folder that opens.
Once you’ve removed these files, start up the game.
  • Another thing to try is to force the game to start in windowed mode by editing the video settings file:
  1. Press "Start" button → "Run" → paste "%userprofile%\Saved Games\My Games\Warface\Profiles\default" (without quotes) → press OK.
  2. Open the "GFXSettings.Warface.xml" using a "Notepad++" or "Notepad". "Notepad++" is more convenient as it makes it easier to search for required strings values.
  • In the file, find the following string:
RESOLUTION Width="X" Height="Y" RefreshRate="Z"

Where XY, and will show the currently set width, height, and refresh rate.

  • Change the line to look like this:
RESOLUTION Width="800" Height="600" RefreshRate="60"
  • Find this line:
OPTION Name="Fullscreen" Registered="True" Type="Bool" Value="true" /
  • And replace it with this one:
OPTION Name="Fullscreen" Registered="True" Type="Bool" Value="false" /
These actions will make the game start in windowed mode and reset the game display resolution to its minimum value. Afterwards, you can enter the game and change the settings to values supported by your monitor and your video card.
  • Download the latest drivers for your video card from the official website.
Link to the official Nvidia website.
Link to the official AMD website (ATI Radeon).
Install the drivers following the prompts of the installation wizard, and restart the computer.