Texture Problems

If you are encountering texture problems (missing textures, transparency problems), please try the suggestions below:

  1. Update your video card driver.
    • Download the latest drivers for your video card from the official website.
    • Follow the installation wizard instructions to install the driver and then restart your computer.
  2. In the game client settings, set the shadow quality to Low.
    • Go to the game settings screen. Select the Graphics tab.
    • In the drop-down Shadows list, select Low.
  3. Switch all graphics settings to lowest quality.
    • Go to the game settings screen. Select the Graphics tab.
    • In the Quality section, change all settings to their lowest setting.
  4. Disable anti-aliasing.
    • In the game client settings, disable Anti-Aliasing. Also, set the anti-aliasing dropdown in the CATALYST Control Center to “Use application settings” or check the “Use application settings” checkbox.

If you’re using the latest drivers from AMD/Radeon, switch to the following settings:

  1. Click Add → Browse (located in the upper-right corner of the window).
  2. In the window that appears, select Game.exe.
  3. Go to the Games tab and select the WF profile you’ve created.
  4. Left-click the profile and switch to the settings below (select the graphics profile that includes the name of your video card).

If the above actions haven’t solved the problem, check to see whether your video card is overheating.

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