In-game report system

Aside from submitting a ticket regarding rule violations to support, there is an in-game report system.

Advantages of the in-game system:

  • no need to spend time creating a ticket;
  • no need to exit the game;
  • no need to capture and attach screenshots.

To submit a report from the game:

  1. press "Esc" key during a match;
  2. choose "Report" tab (pic. 1).
  3. click on the name of the player you want to report;
  4. choose a type of the violation from category (pic. 2);
  5. press "Submit Report" button.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

FAQ about the in-game report system

How many reports can be submitted by one player?
Each player has a daily limit of the reports he can submit. At the moment, this limit is set at 10 reports. After reaching this limit, reports still can be sent, however, they will not be reviewed.

Must one player submit multiple reports against the same violator?
No. Only one report in each category sent from the same player will be reviewed.

How many reports must a violator receive for the investigation to start?
A single report, as well as multiple reports sent by the same player,  will not initiate an investigation. In order to be investigated, a violator must receive multiple reports from different players.
Unfortunately, the exact number of the reports cannot be provided.

How will I know if the player I reported has been punished?
If the report has been reviewed, and the decision is positive, you will receive an in-game notification (pic. 3). The time it takes for the notification to arrive directly depends on the time it takes to investigate the report.

Picture 3.

What is that cool achievement everyone is talking about that I can get for being a good reporter?
This achievement is called "Game Guard". It's a stripe, and looks like this:

It looks totally awesome! How can I get one?
You simply need to report violators of the game rules. However, a few quirks do exist:

  1. Reports must be sent using the in-game report system, tickets sent to support are not counted.
  2. Only reports that prove to be correct (i.e., investigation proves that the reported player has indeed violated game rules) are counted. We do not disclose the exact number of reports required to be eligible for the achievement.
  3. Report statistics are reviewed and awards conducted on a monthly basis. Progress towards the achievement made in the previous months is not reset and gets accumulated.