Detailed description of inquiry statuses

This status is automatically set to newly created inquiries, and when you reply to an already existing inquiry. This status indicates that the inquiry, or your latest replies to it, have not yet been reviewed by the customer support service. Once the inquiry has been reviewed, its status will change to one of the following: Answered, In the queue, In progress, Closed, or Done.

This status is set to an inquiry once a customer support representative reviews it and leaves a reply. A reply can be a set of instructions addressing the issue, an answer to the asked question, or a request to provide additional data. In case of the latter, we kindly ask that you carefully read the reply and provide the data necessary. Inquiries with this status are automatically closed if they remain inactive (i.e., if you do not leave a new reply for support to react to) for a long period of time.

In the queue
This status is assigned to inquires that require additional time to be reviewed. This status means that the inquiry has been transferred to a dedicated specialist who has elevated levels of access to server databases and game logs. On average, the review time for an inquiry with the status “In the queue” takes no more than four business days, but the process may take longer, depending on the type of problem and current workload.

In progress
This status means that the information contained in the inquiry has been received and processed by the support service specialist, but in order to prepare a comprehensive response with a solution to the problem, additional analysis and study of the details of the problem is required. For example, this status may be applied if the problem requires complex operations to be performed with your account; or a very detailed review of the account logs, with requests of additional information directly from the developers is in order. Depending on the situation, the process of preparing a solution may take a long time. Please do not be afraid: an inquiry with this status cannot be lost, and will be replied to eventually, once any applicable information is available.

The “Closed” status is automatically assigned to inquiries that have remained with the “Answered” status for a long time.
This status is also assigned to requests that are redundant and do not contain useful information (spam messages, duplicate requests, etc.). It should be remembered that the creation of multiple requests regarding the same issue may increase the time required to resolve it. In case you create requests that are duplicates of an already considered problem, these later requests will be closed.

The “Done” status is set by the support specialists as soon as the described problem is solved or after a definite answer explaining the situation has been provided; or in case of providing recommendations for independently solving the problem.

We always appreciate when our users inform us about the fact that the problems indicated in the inquiry has been resolved. This allows us to more accurately analyze situations and more quickly offer solutions to similar requests from other players.