MY.GAMES Launcher does not work on Windows XP/Vista

Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista several years ago. Every year, it gets harder and harder to support the MY.GAMES Launcher for these operating systems. For that reason, we were forced to end our support for the XP and Vista operating systems as well.

Unfortunately, we cannot simply freeze the current version of the game and MY.GAMES Launcher. All these programs require close cooperation with service, and freezing them would require the servers to stop updating as well. That would be inconvenient and could cause numerous other problems.

All the widely distributed browsers stopped supporting WinXP a long time ago. All the other gaming platforms are now following suit.

We ask that you update your operating system to Windows 10. You can also use any of the other operating systems still supported by Microsoft: Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.