General Game & Console Questions

Does Skyforge on PS4 support controller vibrations?
Yes. Absolutely. If you'd like more information on how to configure your PS4 controller, please refer to PlayStation's Support Manual
Will Skyforge on PS4 have a built in voice feature for groups, or any integration with PS4 "party" function?
Yes. We've introduced a feature that enables players who are in the same group with the ability to communicate while in-game. Additionally, you can always still join a regular PlayStation party and voice feature, with your friends, and play the game in a private chat session without the need to interaction with other players that you group with.
Will there be keyboard and mouse support for the PS4 version?
In the PS4 version of Skyforge, users will not have to rely on text chat to communicate with each other or to find players to group with. Our overhauled Group Finder allows players of all classes and prestige levels to find a group to tackle their favorite dungeon with. The integration with the PS4 party chat function also allows users to easily start a voice chat to optimize their tactics and take down that challenging boss.
Can I play with my friends in North America / Europe?
Skyforge offers two separate servers for users from North America and Europe to provide the best possible latency for all players. This means that you will be able to play with your friends from Europe or North America, depending on where your account (PSN) is located. If you have a North American PSN account, you will be matched with other North America players. If you have a European PSN account, you will be matched with other European players.

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