How can I join a Pantheon?

Joining a Pantheon:
Players can join Pantheons in a number of ways. The easiest way is to receive an invitation directly. If you have a friend who owns a Pantheon, simply ask them to join the Pantheon to receive an invitation. 
However, if you don't know any Pantheon leaders, you can always apply to become a member of an Academy.
What's an Academy?
Academies are the proving ground for larger Pantheons. You can join them freely, and if you work hard, you may be invited to become a full member. 
To see the available Academies in Skyforge, please follow these instructions:
  1) Press "Options" to open the menu
  2) Navigate right to "Pantheon"
  3) Select "Academy"
  4) Browse the list of available Academies you'd like to join.