Cross Platform Questions and Answers

Will there be a reimbursement for the changed Cathedral / ToK costs?
Yes. Same as the PC version, there will be a reimbursement of stimulants. Please keep an eye on our patch notes and official social media channels regularly for announcements on this matter.

Will there be cross-platform Support?
Due to technical limitations, players on the PC version and the PS4 version will not be playing together or interacting with each other inside the game.

Will PS4 players be on the same server than non-PS4 players?
No. Due to technical restrictions, the PS4 players will be required to start new characters on fresh new servers.

Will they play the same version as us (same patch etc.)?
While the core experience on PC and PS4 will remain the same (bar some minor differences such as the interface, invasions, etc.) the game updates for each platform may arrive at slightly different time.
I have two accounts. Can I link them? (Sony and MY.GAMES)
No. Unfortunately, this is technically not possible because the accounts are handled in separate ecosystems. When logged in through the PlayStation, the login procedure will redirect you into the game with your PSN account. However, you can still create a MY.GAMES account to play the PC version, but the accounts are not linked.
Will I be able to transfer a character from my PC account?
No. The main reason we cannot transfer content from one platform to another is that it’s technically impossible. PlayStation 4 offers a completely fresh Skyforge experience for players on that platform. We want everyone to be able to start from the same point and expertise Skyforge together, rather than having to party with high-level characters.
Why is there some content missing compared to the PC version?
While we are aiming to keep the PS4 version of Skyforge as close as possible to the PC version, there were some compromises we had to take to make the game ready for release on the PS4. This content will be part of a free update that will come to PS4 in 'Q2' 2017
Why are the unlock class on Steam cheaper than on PS4?
For the PS4 version of Skyforge we have made some adjustments to the way that classes are unlocked in the game to provide a better game experience overall. This included the adjustment of the (in-game) prices of class unlocks compared to the PC version. Subsequently the value of these class unlocks is lower on the PC version, hence a lower price for the unlocking with real money.
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