I haven't received my in-app purchase

Sometimes a situation can arise when a player spends money on a purchase, but resources aren't added to their account. This is extremely rare, but it is possible. In this case, please, wait a little while (it can take from a few minutes to a day). 

If the resources still haven't been added after 24 hours, please contact us again and specify the necessary information about the payment depending on the platform you are playing on: 

Android - Transaction ID from the mail that was sent to you by Google with the payment (the Transaction ID should have a GPA.****-****-****-***** format). You can find your Transaction ID in the Google Payments Center, clicking on the specific payment.

iOS - the screenshot of the Transaction from the email that was sent to you by AppStore with the payment. You can also find the information about your purchases in your iTunes account: iTunes Store -> View Account -> Purchase History -> See All.

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