Billing issue not listed

If you have not found your problem in the list, please click on the button below to contact game support. Describe the situation as accurately as possible, and also attach a screenshot with the details of the payment you are experiencing issues with.

Google Play
Screenshots of the order receipt that has been sent to you by Google Play via e-mail. The screenshots should demonstrate the details of the order, including order number, order date and name of the item. Google Play order numbers can be recognized by their format (GPA.****-****-****-*****, where asterisks stand for digits). You can also find your full payment history on Google Pay website:

App Store
1. Screenshots of the receipt of the payment in question that has been sent to you by Apple, where payment details are presented.
2. Screenshots of your Apple purchase history showcasing the payment was successfully processed. To access your purchase history, please follow these steps: Open your device settings → Apple ID → Media & Purchases → View account → Purchase History

A receipt showing all details and identifiers of your payment.

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