Penalties and curses: Why am I in prison?

If you have broken the rules of the game you can end up in prison In the portal you can find all the rules.

The most common rule violations and penalties:

1. Violation of §2 and/ or §14 – Trade
Doing damage to other players by providing incorrect information and/ or not fulfilling contracts will be punished accordingly.

Broken contracts are punished with a Gold penalty. Deceit can also be punished with the curse of captivity.

2. Violations of §8 - Bug Abuse
Making use of errors in the game during an event or in the normal course of the game and getting unfair advantages by doing so will be punished. If you find an error in the game you need to contact the administration immediately.

Any advantages a player obtained by using a bug will be removed. If it happened for the first time the player will get a curse of captivity with a payable fine of 200 Gold. If it happens again the player will be excluded from the game.

If you have received a penalty or if you were sent to prison this is never done without a reason. Please rethink your behavior. If you still believe your penalty was incorrect you can create a ticket.

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