Report rule violation

Are you aware of any game rule violation? Please, create a ticket, and rest assured that the violator will face the consequences.

Make sure to provide the following information:

- violator's character name;
- server;
- date and time of the violation;
- description of the violation;
- please, attach an unmodified screenshot or a video, depicting the violation. *

* the video must be short and clearly showing the fact of violation; if the video contains several violations, the date and time of the fact, as well as the violator's character name must be indicated.

Please note, that we accept only screenshots, made by means of game client (default button PrintScreen). The video may be hosted at any video hosting service that is convenient to you. Video quality must be high enough to make the violator's character name unambiguously readable.

Bear in mind that the report must be sent in during three days after the violation take place. Otherwise it will be declined.

You should also distinguish between an offensive statement and obscene language. An offensive statement is addressed at someone in particular. For instance, if a player sends an impersonal "Fool!" to game chat, this is not considered an offense, before it is clearly addresses another player. Complaints about offensive statements made in private chats will also be declined. In this case, please, use "Ignore" command in game (right-click the character name in chat and select "Add to ignore list" from drop down menu).

The report will be declined, if:

- any of the fields is not filled correctly;
- the violator's character name is incorrect;
- video quality is too low;
- you failed to indicate the exact time and date of the fact of violation at your screenshot/video.

Make sure to send in correct information.

Please be aware that the End-User License Agreement and Terms of Service must be carefully observed by both sides of the conflict.

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