The Magic Lamp Guide

All characters higher than level 4 will receive a special item in their in-game mail - the Surprise Box. Once collected from your mail, clicking the icon in your bag will activate the Magic Lamp while the event is active on the server.

But how does the Magic Lamp work?

In order to receive the benefits of the Magic Lamp, you must use it before your account is topped up. Using the Magic Lamp will grant you a percentage bonus of Premium Crystals.

You’ll have three tries to increase your bonus reward percentage, so use them wisely. Once you have used all three attempts, there is no going back! The percentage is random, between 10%-300%.

Please note, that 1500 Crystals is a total amount, that you may receive while topping-up your account. The bonus you receive is based on the percentage given by the Magic Lamp event, that you have received previously.

We kindly inform you, that Premium Crystals will be added to your account until this limit is exhausted.  

You can check how many Premium Crystals you received by hovering the mouse over the Magic Lamp icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen.