Unban account

If you see a message, that your account is banned, upon entering the game, it means that your account has been compromised and temporarily blocked. Please, refer to the email that was sent to the email address, registered to your game account.

Account is subject to ban for either of the three reasons:

1. A fact of violation of End-User License Agreement and/or Terms of Service was reported (e.g., by another player) and confirmed by support service.
2. A fact of violation was detected automatically.
3. Temporary suspension is applied, while the investigation lasts.

 - A fact of violation of End-User License Agreement and/or Terms of Service was reported and confirmed.
Upon receiving a report, we conduct a thorough investigation of the cause. If the fact of violation is confirmed, the account is banned for a certain period of time.

 - Automatic software security system spotted a fact of violation.
Automatic software security system in real time mode watches all active game accounts in terms of exploiting illegal software that takes advantage of any part of the game beyond design. The system then transfers collected information to support service for analyzing and taking measures. The system is free from bias, that is why false identification of violation is impossible.

 - Temporarily suspension for the time of investigation.
The account is temporarily banned, if it is subject to any kind of investigation. For instance, if the account owner claimed that the account is compromised and/or hacked.

Please, refer to End-User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Forum Rules in the "Document" section. Please, refer to the "Penalties" section for ban durations. Be aware, that repetitive violations extend your ban durations, up to the permanent ban.

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