Technical issues: the game doesn't start


  • Try launching the game under a "clean boot".
    How to perform Windows "clean boot"
    1. Ensure that you are logged into your system as an Administrator.
    2. On your keyboard, press the "Win + R" key combination ("Win" is the key that looks like a Windows OS logo).
    3. In a window that opens. type "msconfig.exe" (without quotes).
    4. In the "System Configuration" window that appears on the "General" tab, select the option "Selective Startup" and uncheck the "Load startup items" option.
    5. On the "Services" tab, check the "Do not display Microsoft services" check box, and then click the "Disable All" button.

    Immediately before starting the game, disable programs that are not necessary for Windows (browsers, torrents, programs for communication), temporarily disable antivirus and firewall. If something goes wrong, you can return the startup settings to the original configuration.

    To do this, follow steps 1-3 from the instructions above, and in the appeared "System Configuration" window select the item "Normal start".

    If clean boot helps to solve the problem, you should perform it before every game start. Also, you can try disabling programs and processes one by one to determine which program causes a problem with the game.


  • Make sure that your video card drivers are up-to-date, either using the automatic update software on your PC, or by downloading the latest version of the driver from the official website.


  • Investigate the processes Windows is currently running.
    Possible conflicts are known to occur between the following categories of third-party processes and the game:
    — Booster programs (Game Booster), which optimize your computer’s resources.
    — Antivirus software (firewalls or filters).
    — Programs that use overlays (Overwolf).


  • If you are running MSI Afterburner, please make sure that Afterburner itself and RivaTunerStatisticsServer are updated to the latest version.
    Try setting "Application detection level" to "Low" for World War 3 in settings RivaTunerStatisticsServer settings.
    If the issue will still persist, disable both programs before starting the game.

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