Q: Is there crossplay between different console platforms?
A: There is! Players from Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo can now all play together.

Q: Will PvE missions and raids be easier (compared to the PC version)?
A: The difficulty level is unchanged; however, the auto-targeting system makes completing missions a little easier.

Q: How will the ping problem be solved?
A: Just like the PC version, regional servers will be in place in many countries, including Russia, Netherlands, USA, and China.

Q: Can I play with a keyboard and mouse? Will the game support these devices?
A: That will be based on the platform’s functionality. If the console officially supports those devices, we won’t do anything to prevent their use.

Q: Why is there less content on Xbox (in comparison to the PC version)?
A: Transferring content to a console requires lots of time and resources, and in 8 years a great deal has been added to the game. We want to let you play as soon as possible on Xbox, while maintaining a high level of quality so that your time in the game is as fun can be.

Q: Why is the price of guns different for PC and consoles?
A: The whole server economics is different, there are a lot of factors that influence the price of weapons and equipment in each case, so some weapons might be cheaper of more expensive on consoles than on PC and vice versa.

Q: Will I be able to move my account from the PC version?
A: No, right now that is technically impossible.

Q: Will I be able to play solo?
A: No, Warface is a team game. We are certain that thanks to the matchmaking system, you’ll easily find partners that match your level of skill and can comfortably play with them.

Q: Will there be auto-targeting?
A: Yes, as in most shooters.

Q: Will Warface be supported on old versions of the console?
A: No, there will only be support for current versions, including those that appear in the future.