How not to lose your account

One of the most serious problems is the loss of the account.
We have several recommendations that must be followed in order not to face the problem:
1. Do not click "Start" a new game if you are not willing to delete your account.
2. While linking new Facebook profile with your game account you risk losing your game progress, which was stored in the profile previously, if there was one, of course.
3. When you transfer your account to another device, do not unlink game progress from your Facebook profile on the old device before the transfer is completed.
How to transfer your account to another device:
- Sign into your "old" Facebook profile on a new device (a profile you have linked the progress with).
- Install the game on a new device and run it.
- Sign into the account in the game settings (Settings - Authorization - Authorize), or click "Friends" and the game will automatically prompt you to link.
After the above steps, your game progress will be loaded onto the new device, but will also remain on the old one. You can either continue to play simultaneously on 2 devices or delete the game on one of them.
If your progress was reset or lost, check the authorization settings (Settings - Authorization). Perhaps you simply logged out from Facebook.
If you can see that your progress is linked, open your device settings. Now find Facebook settings and check authorization status. You need to make sure that the currently active Facebook profile is the one you originally linked your progress with.
If our suggestions did not help to return your game account, please contact Customer Support and we will try to solve the problem.