Can I start a new game?

There's no option to start the new game.
However, if you are absolutely sure about starting over, we can help. Please note, that your current game account will be permanently deleted. Your current game progress and in-app purchases will be permanently lost!

Deletion of a game account can't be reverted. Thus, all deletion requests are being looked into with the maximum thoroughness. We can ask you for additional information to identify you as the game account's owner during the process.

Please raise a ticket from the game account that you wish to delete. You need to provide the following information in your request :

  1. Your game ID (can be found in the game settings).
  2. Model of the device the game account was created on and models of all devices that you played the game on afterwards (for example, Samsung galaxy s4, iPhone 4 etc.).
  3. Name the Internet service provider/mobile phone carrier whose services you used.
  4. All the cities and countries in which you launched the game.
  5. Either a photograph or a scan of the official document used in the country of your residence to prove your identity (passport, driver's license, etc.). The graphic file(s) must be readable and contain all the basic information from the document. 

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