My Game Is Crashing

If your game client is crashing after startup or during gameplay, please check if there is a firewall request in the background. If that is the case, you have to give authorization to Blast Brigade.

For other cases or if that does not solve your issue, we need some diagnostic files to be able to investigate your issue:

  • Player log:
    • Steam players can find this file using the following path: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\MYGAMES\Blast Brigade (if your Local Disk is not C:, please use the appropriate letter).
    • If you cannot see "AppData" click on "View" at the top of your explorer window and enable "Hidden items".
    • Please attach the file Player.log to your ticket.
  • Dxdiag: 
    • Press Windows key + R
    • Type dxdiag and press Enter
    • After the dxdiag tool has opened, click "Save All Information" at the bottom
    • Please save your dxdiag file in .txt format and attach it to your ticket.

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