Account Sharing Policy

Problems can arise due to the sharing of personal or account information with another person. In order to help prevent these problems from happening to you, simply read the following guidelines to help keep your account more secure.

If you have experienced any security concerns with your account, the following will help determine what solutions you can take to prevent unwanted changes.


Sharing Account Information:

The simplest and most common form of account theft occurs when a player willingly shares their account information with another player. It's possible that this person may be somebody that you know and trust, or perhaps the person is attempting to obtain your account information by other means.

Preventing account theft is quite easy; simply don't share your information! If you have already shared your account information with another person or if you believe your account has been stolen, change your password immediately to avoid further damage. Additionally, refrain from logging onto another person's computer, and if you do, make sure NOT to save your credentials on it: Their machine may be compromised.


Account Selling/Buying:

Purchasing or selling an Account is a direct violation to the EULA (End-User License Agreement) and can potentially lead to fraudulent transactions. By purchasing an Account, there are multiple risks factors that are involved which can lead to stolen financial information.

Selling an Account will lead to a permanent game suspension and the appropriate sanctions will be applied as outlined in our Terms of Use.

Don't purchase or sell an Account!

Potential risks (such as stolen payment information, unauthorized financial transactions, etc.) can be easily avoided by not selling or purchasing an account. The risks that involve purchasing or selling an account will lead to the account being suspended permanently. Features have been developed to help protect the integrity of your account and your personal information. However, giving away your personal account information will void our offer to restore any stolen content. If you believe your account has been hacked and your information has been stolen, please submit a ticket to Customer Support.


Account Trading:

Trading accounts with another person can lead to disputes about account ownership and account theft, as well as your account, being permanently suspended. By sharing credentials for your account with another person, you are directly violating the Terms of Use. We do not support account sharing, as this is considered a type of cheating, and as such will be punished as a serious infraction of our rules.

Account information must remain private and in possession of the original account owner. By sharing account information with anyone you risk the account being closed permanently. For safety, we recommend creating your account with a unique and secret password that is not used for any other services outside of


E-mail Scams:

You are at risk of having your account stolen if you follow links or download the game from unofficial sources. Even if an e-mail appears to be legitimate, it is always safest to not select links unless you're absolutely sure it is safe. Most web browsers will allow you to preview a link when you move your mouse over it. Read it carefully before clicking on it. If anything looks off, DON'T CLICK! Navigate to the website manually and check your account page for notifications. When in doubt, don't hesitate to contact Customer Support or a Community Manager to check if an e-mail is legitimate. These precautions will ensure that you do not accidentally divulge your account login details. emails and notifications will never ask for your account password. If you receive an e-mail or notification either asking for the credentials of your account, or asking you to log into a page, EVEN IF IT LOOKS LEGITIMATE, then you are encountering a scam, and you should not follow its instructions.


In-Game Scams:

Scamming is a direct violation of our Terms of Use. A scam is defined as the act of obtaining access to another player's items by means of fraud, misdirection, and confusion. The scamming user will be subject to permanent account suspension and/or deletion.

Simple steps to help avoid in-game scams include being wary when engaging in any kind of transaction, especially when it goes through multiple steps. If you suspect another user of engaging in a scam, you can protect yourself by blocking the player in-game, blocking them on the forums, and by using the in-game report feature or a customer support ticket to bring that individual to our attention.

If you notice any act of scamming within the game, please report these incidents by submitting a ticket to Customer Support.


Buying/Selling from Third-Party Merchants:

Buying/Selling from third party merchants is a sure way to have your personal information stolen and for the account to be hacked. By going through this process, you are exposing your account to a potential compromise at the hands of a complete stranger. There is no liability on these third-party merchants, therefore, the risk is at the expense of the original account owner. The user found purchasing from these services is placing the integrity of the account at risk which can lead to potential fraud, stolen identification, and account theft.

For helpful tips on how to avoid difficult situations that involve fraud, simply DO NOT purchase any items outside of the Market. By going outside of the Market, you are putting your personal information and account details at risk. If you encounter any person attempting to sell or buy services outside of, report these claims to our Customer Support team.


Account Registration Security

The most common way for an account to be stolen is by using your account's email address or password to create an account for any other game or website. If you have used your login information for any other services outside of, the security of your account could be at risk. Someone may be able to find your login information through these other services.

To ensure that the integrity of your account is maintained, make sure to use a different password for all your online accounts for maximum security, and never communicate these passwords to anyone. If you share your account details with anyone else, they can easily pose as you by contacting our Customer Support team, in which case it will be difficult for us to verify the original account owner.