Bug Reports

Dear players!

If you find an in-game error ("bug") during the game, we will be grateful if you report it to us.

Examples of possible errors:

  • "falling" through the map textures;
  • ability to go beyond the borders of the map;
  • incorrect behavior of enemies in PvE \ Special operations;
  • inaccurate or misspelled names of items or objects in the game.

In order for us to be able to collect and transfer the information to the game developer as soon as possible, please be sure to provide a detailed description of the encountered problem, under what circumstances and on what map you have encountered it. Also, please provide visual materials illustrating the encountered error (screenshots or a video).

If you have previously not encountered the need to take screenshots, a small guide will help you:

  1. Press Alt + F3.
  2. Drag the appeared borders in order to choose the area of the screen to be shot.
  3. Confirm selection and press on the notification appeared to open your screenshots window. 

If you need to record a video please read the following:

  1. Press Alt + F5.
  2. Drag the appeared borders in order to choose the area of the screen to be captured.
  3. Reproduce the issue and press "Stop" in order to stop capturing the video.
  4. Press on the notification appeared or folder button in order to open Game Center section with your videos.

You can also find your videos and screenshots by pressing "My.com" ⇒ "My screenshots and videos" in the Game Center. 

Reports timely transferred to developers will help to improve the game process.

Thank you for helping us make Warface better!

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