Reporting Players

If you notice someone violating the rules during the game, it is always a good idea to report them. You can do so by pressing the “!” in a red triangle near the player’s nickname when browsing the Scoreboard after the match. This will help bring the violation to our attention so we can take measures against that player’s actions.

There are three types of violations you can report:

If the player doesn’t move or you see that some third-party program is used to perform simple manipulations (eg. clickers) without any real impact to the match, you can report such player;

Toxic Behavior
Toxicity is hard to describe, but if you see that your teammates deliberately try to kill their own team or perform actions that harm the team’s results with clear intent, then it is toxic;
Example 1:
Player deliberately kills their teammates with a bag to get it themselves — Toxic;
Example 2: Player gets behind the wheel and accidentally kills a teammate once — NOT Toxic;

Abusive Nickname
If a nickname contains something of the following, report it to us:

offensive or rude words, inciting words of a discriminatory character, swear words and phrases, expletives in any language, composed of letters of any alphabet and digits;
proper names and other words and phrases used in religions or cults, which may cause insult of the feelings of believers;
names of historical figures and politicians (in a mocking or insulting sense or very controversial figures);
words and phrases that are directly or indirectly related to drugs, means of their preparation, use and acquisition;
words and phrases which can mislead other users as to that the user, registered under such name, is a representative of Panzerdog;
unpronounceable letter combinations (including invisible nicknames, hard to see nicknames, etc).