Supply Crate & Boosts FAQ

What’s a Supply Crate? 
Supply Crates are containers that you can earn to receive special in-game loot. Each crate come in one of five quality levels (Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), and the quality of items received from a Supply Crate increases with each quality level.

How can I obtain a Supply Crate? 
While there are multiple ways for you to earn Supply Crates from playing Armored Warfare or by purchase, the common way to receive one is by playing PvE or PvP matches. 

Both game modes give users the chance to earn a Supply Crate. While the quality level of Supply Crate will be determined by your overall performance in the match, the drop-rate is modified by a small amount of random chance. 


View Active Boosts:
Click the “View Active Boost” icon located at the top right-hand corner of the garage screen.

How to equip Boosts from the Inventory menu:
Select, drag and drop the desired Boost to the “Active Boosts” slot in the respective column.