Windows 7 x86 with Service Pack 1

In May 2021, the launch of the game will become impossible without the support of the digital signature based on the SHA-2 hash algorithm. If your operating system does not have all the updates installed in the "Windows Update Center", you can enable the SHA-2 support manually or upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 8 or a more recent version. To activate the SHA-2 support, follow the instructions.

1. Follow the link to download the digital signature hash algorithm update to upgrade it from SHA-1 to SHA-2:

If the link does not open for you, try clicking on it with the RMB and select the "Open in a new tab" option.

2. To start downloading this file, click the "Open" button. If you have a browser other than Internet Explorer, then go directly to the next item.

3. After you run the installer, grant it access to open web content by clicking the "Allow" button.

4. The next step will be installing the update. Select the “Yes” option and wait for the installation to finish.

5. After the update is complete and the computer restarts, the SHA-2 hash algorithm will be activated and you can continue playing.