World War 3 Closed Beta Test F.A.Q

For your convenience, questions and answers are divided into groups.



Q: What is the Closed Beta Test?
A: Closed Beta Test (CBT) is an event where select players can play an improved version of the game, reacquaint themselves with game mechanics and new or changed features, and give feedback. The milestone is important for The Farm 51 and MY.GAMES, and we will keep a close eye on monitoring your feedback and technical performance during the Test.

Terms of participation in the Closed Beta Test

Q: When does the CBT start?
A: The CBT will be held from November 25 to March 2022. You will be able to download the game client closer to the launch.

Q: Who can take a part in the CBT?
A: Players who purchase Closed Beta Packs (can be purchased from our website, and will be available on Steam at a later date), and players who already owned World War 3 in their Steam library by October 4.

Q: What is a World War 3 Veteran?
A: Veterans are players who joined World War 3 at an early stage, in particular before the Veteran Alpha Test was announced.

Q: What will be available to play during the test?
A: There will be two game modes across several maps. Compared to Veteran Alpha Test, there will be extended sets of strikes, appearances, and weapon skins

Launching the game

Q: How to launch the game
A: Please note that the game is not yet available. Once the CBT starts, players will be able to access the game on the platforms they purchased the game or the CBT packs on.
Steam: the game update will be available directly in Steam, and you will be able to launch the game from your Steam library.
MY.GAMES launcher: you will be able to download the game directly from the website.

Q: Can I play as before without MY.GAMES authorization?
A: This is not possible - MY.GAMES authentication is required to load and enter the game. The game launcher and Steam will not interfere with each other or your experience.

Saving progress

Q: Has earlier progress in World War 3 been saved or carried over?
A: Earlier progress made in World War 3 will not carry over to the Closed Beta Test. All players will start on a level playing field.

Q: Will progress made during CBT be saved?
A: Progress will not be saved, but contents of the purchased Closed Beta Packs will be transferred and will remain accessible to you during the future stages of the game.

Game process

Q: I purchased the game when it was previously available on Steam. Will this distinguish me from other players?
A: To reward early adopters, we have prepared special gifts for World War 3 Veterans. Rewards consist of access to the CBT; and a Veteran Pack, which includes all items from the Lieutenant Pack, and additional character customization available only to Veterans.

Q: Will there be special rewards for participation in the CBT?
A: All players will keep the contents of the Closed Beta Packs purchased during this stage. Additionally, your feedback and gaming experience will be crucial for the further development of World War 3.

Q: I cannot see my progress after entering the game
A: Previous game progress is not taken into account. You will start the CBT with a fresh slate.

Q: How can I change the default nickname?
A: After entering the game, you may change your nickname by pressing the button in the upper right-hand corner of the main menu.


Q: What stage is the development of World War 3 at?
A: Most of the core game mechanics are ready, but the game is not in the final stages of development right now. Some gameplay features may be changed depending on your feedback following the CBT.

Q: Is The Farm 51 still developing World War 3, and what is the role of MY.GAMES in development?
A: Yes, the game is still being developed by The Farm 51. MY.GAMES is a large global gaming brand and publisher supporting development and publishing efforts, including the launch of the CBT.