Gameplay tips for new players

Warface: Breakout is a tactical shooter, and it is a good idea to learn some tactics before rushing into the battle. Here are some basic things you might find useful to know as a new player.

At launch, Breakout features a single game mode called ‘Search and Destroy’ where two teams have to either plant or defuse the bomb. Each of the 5 maps have two plant sites which have to be protected by Wardens and attacked by Reapers. Eliminate the enemy team before the bomb is planted to secure victory earlier.

Wardens and Reapers both have their own unique weapon arsenals. For example, Wardens have access to SCAR-H and Desert Eagle while Reapers can purchase AK-103 and UZI PRO. Try out different weapons while playing for each team!

The game features Casual and Hardcore modes. In Casual, there’s no friendly fire, the matches are shorter, and you automatically replenish body vest and helmet in the beginning of each round. The first team to get 8 victories wins the match. In Hardcore mode, you’ve guessed it, things get more serious. Friendly fire is on, you have to save up to manually purchase armor, and the match is run by ‘Best of 12’ rule. If you leave the Hardcore match before it ends, you will get a 30-minute penalty for the matchmaking queue.

Players earn credits by eliminating enemies, planting/defusing the bomb and winning rounds. These credits can be spent to purchase weapons and equipment at spawn points in the beginning of each round (press ‘Down’ on the D-pad to access the store). Save up for those shiny snipers!

There are five weapon types in Breakout — Handguns, SMGs, Shotguns, Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. All weapons have different recoil patterns, gunplay styles and handling quirks. Learn to control the burst fire of FAMAS, practice sniper headshots or go all-in with the retro shotguns.

Grenades are available in the Equipment section of the arms store. There are three types — good ol’ frag, fhashband and a smoke grenade. You can carry only one frag and one tactical grenade, so choose wisely whether you want to create a smoke decoy or stun the enemies in this round.

Every weapon has its weight — you run faster with the handgun than with an LMG. But your movement speed is the highest when you’re wielding a knife (hold ‘Triangle’ or ‘Y’ button to access it). The knife is also a one-hit kill. Always. Think about it.

Access you cosmetic items collection in the Customization tab of the main menu. There, you can select various weapon skins, knives and apparel items such as helmets, vests and gloves.

You can also choose different scopes for each weapon — also in the Customization tab. All weapon sights are unlocked from the get go, so it’s up to you to put an ACOG or a red dot on your M-16, so feel free and experiment to find the scopes that fit your playstyle. Selected scopes will always be attached on the weapons when you buy them during the match.

In the Profile tab of the main menu, you can also customize your player badge and avatar. Stand out!

These quick tips should get you familiar with all key systems in Breakout. See you on the battlefield!