How to participate in tournaments

How to register for a tournament

Click the "Login" button to authorize on the site.


After authorization, you can go through a simplified registration and immediately apply for participation in the tournament. To do this, go to the "Tournaments" section, select a tournament from the general list and click the "Register" button.

Fill in your personal profile information:

  • Nickname;
  • A country.

Click "Save"

The data required for filling may vary depending on the tournament.

Read the "User Agreement" and "Privacy Policy". Check the boxes if you agree with the rules of the esports platform and click the "Save" button.

Then link the game to your account. The type of filling may differ depending on the discipline.

If you are participating in a team tournament (two or more players), enter a name and click the Create Team button.

You can read more about the procedure for creating a command here

Copy the invitation link and send it to the rest of the team

After adding players to the team, you can register for the tournament and complete the registration

You can always “Unregister” if you want to leave the tournament.

Keep track of the number of players on your team. If at the time of registration closing for the tournament, the team has an insufficient number of players, it will not be allowed to participate. Also, if the captain does not confirm participation in the tournament within the specified time frame, the team will not be allowed in the matches. You can confirm your participation in the team profile and in the tournament profile of the game.

After registration closes, the captain must confirm the participation of his team. He can do this in the general list of tournaments by clicking the appropriate button.

The second way: go to the tournament page, open the "Overview" tab and click "Confirm participation".

The command status will change to “Confirmation received”.

After checking the data provided by the teams admitted participating, the status in the profile will change to "Participates in the tournament".

Important: Teams whose players provided incorrect data or do not meet the tournament's requirements will change their status to “Refused to participate”.

There are a limited number of teams participating in tournaments, so if you applied later than other captains, you may not be allowed to play matches.

Confirmation of registration for the tournament