Problems with Gmail and Yandex mail during authorization

What could be the problem? New authorization MY.GAMES does not know that you previously had a gmail or yandex account.

You need to click the "Register" button

  • In the Email field - enter your gmail or yandex mail
  • In the Password field, enter a new password for the MY.GAMES account.
  • Enter verification code
  • Read and agree to the rules

After successful registration, you need to go to the specified mail and confirm the registration.

Next, you press the "Login" button

And in the Email and password fields, enter the data that you just registered in the "Registration" window.

If you want to use "Login with" - "Google" - then you will register a second account from this mail and your old data will not be found

After authorization, link your old game account to MY.GAMES account.



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