Personal profile

Editing your personal profile

You cannot change your personal profile when you are part of a team registered for a tournament. Wait until the end of the tournament and change the data.

To participate in the tournament, you need a game profile. To create it, click on your avatar in the upper right corner and click "Manage".

In the profile management tab, fill in the required fields:

  • Nickname on the site;
  • Mail (if you log in through a social network);
  • Discord account (maybe required for contact).

The rest of the data is optional. However, they may be required to participate in tournaments of other organizers that use extended validation.

When finished filling out the profile, click the "Save" button.

Adding games to your personal profile

You cannot change your account and edit your game nickname while you or your team are participating in the tournament.

To participate in tournaments, link games to your account on the site.

Go to the "Games" tab in your personal profile and click "Edit", then link the games you want

To learn how to link a specific game, go to the section of the game you need in technical support.

Description of the tabs "Tournaments", "Ratings", "Matches", "Agreements" and "Organizations"


This tab stores the history of the matches you played


Here is a list of past, ongoing and upcoming tournaments that you have registered for.


Some tournaments are based on a rating system, and you earn points if you participate in them.

To see lists of current ratings, go to link and read the description


Here you can read the official documents of the platform. You agreed with their terms upon registration

The organization

This tab contains the data of your organization for holding tournaments.