What is MY.GAMES?

MY.GAMES is a gaming subdivision of the Mail.ru Group, a leader on the Eastern European online entertainment market. The company is composed of 10 regional offices in Russia, Europe, and the US, more than 1500 employees, and 13 internal developer studios. MY.GAMES creates games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. The company runs more than 60 projects, and has more than 150 games in its portfolio. MY.GAMES’ games have more than 540 million registered users.

The MY.GAMES subdivision includes an international game platform, the MY.GAMES Store, where millions of users from around the world can access projects from MY.GAMES and its partners.

The MY.GAMES Store also provides access to game services like Market, Lootdog, Community, and DonationAlerts.

On the Market, you can purchase items from your favorite game to spice up your experience, and Lootdog allows players to safely and securely trade in-game items for real money. Use the Community to find friends as well as share screenshots and videos of your in-game achievements.

The DonationAlerts service is intended for streamers and helps them not only monetize their content, but also attract additional attention to developers’ gaming projects.

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