How do I view the PIN of a purchased item?

Viewing a PIN in the inventory:

  1. Select the desired item in the inventory and press "Show PIN".
  2. Press "Confirm".
  3. The item will be displayed with the PIN code and the "Sell" button will be unavailable for this item.

After revealing the PIN code, you can activate it in the game, but cannot put the item up for sale. You will need to hide the PIN code again to put it up for sale. You can do this at any time as long as the PIN code has not been activated. However, for a rage of games (Revelation, Legend: Dragon Heritage) the operation to reveal the PIN code is irreversible. PIN to items from Revelation, Legend: Dragon Heritage cannot be hidden and placed up for sale after being revealed.

Note: When you press 'Hide PIN code' a new hidden PIN code will be generated. The item can be listed for sale again. You can no longer activate the item using the old key. You cannot hide a PIN if it has been activated.

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