I am unable to update the game (for Android)

The instruction below applies only to the devices with the Android platform with the version of the game downloaded from Google Play Store.

If you experience problems with downloading the latest update of the game, please, follow the instructions below:

1. Close the game and open Google Play Store.
2. Press on your profile icon.
3. Switch to the "Manage apps and device" menu.
4. Find our game in the "Updates available" list and press "Update".

If it does not help, open the page of our game via your web-browser and press "Update".

If none of the previously suggested solutions helped, clear the cache of Google Play Games and Google Play Store applications. To do so:
1. Open settings of your device, "Applications" menu.
2. Find Google Play Games or Google Play Store
3. On the pages of both applications press "Clear cache".
4. Open Google Play Store and check the availability of the update.

In case the update is still missing, please wait a few hours (up to 12 hours, depending on your country of residence and your region).

If after pressing the in-game message "Update" you are redirected to an unavailable website, please open Google Play Store and update the game manually.

If none of the solutions helped, please submit a ticket to the customer support and send the screenshots demonstrating your problem.

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