How to adjust your screen resolution

If you’ve encountered any errors while changing the screen resolution for the client and are unable to fix the resolution size, please follow these simple steps below:

Step 1: Click on My Computer


Step 2: Locate the Armored Warfare Folder by going to the following root directory:

C:\Users\[your name]\Saved Games\ArmoredWarfare\User\Profiles\default


Step 3: Right click on "attributes.xml" and choose edit.


Step 4: Adjust the screen height and With - This feature will open into a new window and will show you lines of texts.

Please locate the following examples below and make the appropriate changes:

  • - This will be located at the top of the file
  • - This will be located near the bottom of the file


Step 5: Make the appropriate Height and Width adjustments that were mentioned above in order for the game to fit your screen resolution.

Please feel free to take a look at the example below:

Note: If the instruction mentioned above doesn’t fix your issue, please rename the file "attributes_old.xml" in order to have a new file generated by launching the client.