Reclaiming a stolen account

If you are able to login with your account, go to your Profile and change the password as soon as possible.

Should you notice the loss of characters / items, please do not hesitate to inform the support.
We reserve the right to suspend the account temporarily to protect it from any other intrusion and thus protect the characters and equipment until we can analyse your problem and secure the account.

If you completely lost access to the account, please create a new account and contact the support, ensuring that the following information is included with your message:

- Your first and last name
- Your name
- Your forum nickname
- Your gender
- Your date of birth
- If applicable - Dates, amounts and payments methods.
- Date of account creation
- Date and time when you faced the problem
- A list of possible e-mail addresses with which the account may be registered
- The names, classes and level of all characters on your account, including deleted ones
- A list of all the locations and internet providers from which you accessed your account since your registration

Please use the link below to contact us with these details.

Still have questions?