How do I create an account?

Steps on creating your account:

  1. Click the "Sign Up" button.
  2. Select your account login preference (Using Email or Mobile Phone Number or Social Media).
  3. Insert your login credentials.

Personal Information

The Personal Information tab allows you to enter your personal details and change the account nickname. 

  • Add or modify your Personal information
  • Add or Change the account nickname


The Security tab will allow you to see your personal account identification ( ID) and change your account details.

  • The login email address that is linked to this account
  • The email verification status
  • Password change

If you haven't verified the email address, you can resend the confirmation code to your email inbox. Note it's possible the verification notice was sent your Spam folder.

Selecting your Language

The Language tab allows you to select your preferred language. Note if your language is not supported on this list, please notify customer support here.

  • Click on your preferred language, then select save.



The Avatar tab allows you to change your account Avatar profile image.

  • Select any of the available Avatar images listed under the standard range or click on the 'upload image' button to upload a new Avatar image.


Your Communications

Here you can manage all communication and newsletter email preferences associated with all titles.  

  • Select the desired game,
  • Check the appropriate boxes to stay informed about the latest newsletters, updates, and offers.