What is a Node system?

The Node System is one of the core features that sets our game apart from every other game on the market, it’s a large topic that we can’t wait to explore further in our developer blogs but we’ll go into a little bit of detail here. Nodes are the mechanic by which player driven settlements are developed, and how our world grows. Our map is sectioned off into zones, playable areas with an environmental theme. These zones are then sub-sectioned off into smaller, invisibly defined areas we call “Nodes.”

These Nodes are listening all the time. Every player action within a Node, and every action associated with that Node (like quests that might require players to leave the Node) is tracked and scored. This includes any player action, like crafting, harvesting, killing a monster, or finding a point of interest. This ‘score’ abstracts and represents player participation within that Node. The more that players participate within a Node, the higher that score gets, and the closer that Node inches toward civilization. Upon reaching a certain participation score, the Node will develop into its first of six stages.

All of the Nodes within our world fit into one of four distinct types (Military, Divine, Economic and Scientific), each of which will define how players interact with them. Regardless of the Node type, these newly developed settlements can be player governed, fought over, and customized. Some Nodes can even unlock hidden aspects of the world. Again, this is a large topic and we look forward to explaining it in more detail with our developer blogs!"